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A Date with the President - the President takes graduates on a campus tour

Jun 14, 2021

On the morning of June 11, the activity of “A date with the president--the president takes me on a tour of campus” was held. The President Li Yuanyuan, the Vice Chair of the University Council Ma Jianhui and the representatives of the 2021 graduates visited the campus together. They recalled every bit of their study and life in HUST, listened to the suggestions of the graduates about the university, and jointly sent the best wishes to the the upcoming 70th birthday of the university.



In the South Gate Square, the leaders and graduate representatives of the university had a cordial exchange, wishing everyone a happy graduation and a bright future, living up to their youth. The graduates took photos with the leaders.





In the Celebrity Garden, a music flash mob performance was putting on. The teachers and students enjoyed the instrumental performance by the graduates. At the warm invitation of the graduates, Li Yuanyuan played “My Motherland and Me” with the electronic organ, played “My Motherland” with the harmonica, and played “Jasmine” with the flute. The graduates sang together with the music. Li Yuanyuan shared with the graduates his experience of self-learning musical instruments in his free time when he was young. He said that music is a lifelong friend, and he expected graduates to improve their artistic tastes, comprehensive qualities, and heighten their spiritual pursuit and aesthetic level.




At the university history museum, the leaders and students visited the 2021 graduates' work exhibition. The exhibition is divided into four parts: technology, product design, architectural design, and campus culture. The exhibits cover the frontiers of science and technology, beautiful countryside, campus optimization, campus cultural creation and other aspects. Li Yuanyuan and Ma Jianhui visited the exhibition works one by one and communicated with the authors. They praised the graduates for their innovative spirit and solid knowledge, and expressed their sincere blessings to the graduates.


The leaders and graduate representatives attended a symposium on the theme of “My advice on alma mater” in the Wendao Hall of Wutongyu Academic Center. During the discussion, the graduate representatives not only expressed their sincere gratitude to the alma mater for its cultivation, but also put forward valuable suggestions on talent training, academic research, competition activities and campus construction, and expressed ardent expectations and good wishes for the future development of the alma mater.

Li Yuanyuan said that the opinions and suggestions of the students were sincere, thanking everyone for their advice and suggestions for the reform and development of the university. The university always insists on the student-centered principle, takes root in China to build a world-class university, and takes the morality education as the fundamental task and cultivating outstanding students of the university with all-round development of moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetics and labor education as its own responsibility. Li Yuanyuan pointed out that in recent years, the university's comprehensive strength has been steadily improved, ranking in the forefront of domestic universities, with 18 subjects entering the top one percent of ESI, 5 subjects entering the top one thousandth, and 1 subject entering the top one ten-thousandth. The university will continue to improve the hardware facilities, accelerate the construction of swimming pools, dormitory buildings and other places to provide students with a secure and comfortable learning and living environment.


After the symposium, the graduates presented birthday cakes for the upcoming 70th birthday of their alma mater, and Li Yuanyuan sent the graduation albums to the students as the gifts.

Source: Office of Student Affairs

Edited by Peng Yumeng

Pictures by Zhu Biyong and Office of Student Affairs

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